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Winter in Roman Britain


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:D With Britain suffering its bleakest winter for over 30 years Archaeologist & Historian James Balme ventures out into the snowfields of Cheshire to take a look at how life may have been for the Iron Age & Roman people who lived in the area during the 1st & 2nd centuries. The Roman army pushed north in their determination to complete the conqest of Britain & even the bleakest winter conditions was not going to stop them in their pursuit of success .......




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Have we any evidence on winter clothing Indy? All the representations I've seen, show Roman soldiers with three-quarter trousers and bare feet inside sandals - which means they could get frost bitten toes? :?


The Vindolanda tablets mention subligata which have been interpreted as "underpants", but could be better described as "underwear" ie including undershirts.

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