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Mrs Robbing - son?


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Perhaps we should have done more in the 50s and 60s when the Protestants in Northern Ireland were manipulating boundaries to stop the catholics getting councillors and so access to demoracy.


I do see your point though Baz and it does not sit comfatably with me either, but that is the nature of democracy, when the fighting is over you have to sit round a table together.

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You may say that, but what happens when we sit and talk to the Argentinians about the Falklands? What happens when we sit down and capitulate to the Taliban in Afghanistan (because that is what will eventually happen)


Even after the 2nd world war we sat down with Germany and after a few years of being a bit tough; totally rebuilt their country for them while here in Blighty we were still on rationing till the mid 1950's!


beggars belief, but the IRA should have been targeted with as many troops in NI as we have had in Afghanistan and Iraq.....

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Think you'll find Baz, at the height of "the troubles" we did have as many troops in Ulster as we now have in Afghanistan (around 10,000). It would be rather difficult to bomb the IRA from the air though, without killing a load of innocents, including some protestants and alienating world opinion! As Clauzwitz said - "War is politics by other means" - so when war is seen not to work, one returns to politics. :wink:

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