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Smoking in prisons (again)

harry hayes

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Apparently the crime rate on the Isle of Man is falling markedly.

Allegedly due to the smoking ban in their new prison.

One former inmate said the ban had prisoners crawling up the wall (they do however get tobacco substitues).

"It was something the criminals genuinely feared - not prison, but being forced to give up smoking. Some of my mates have given up crime as a direct result of the smoking ban."


Am I correct in thinking that only prisons and houses of parliament have escaped the indoor smoking ban?


Any lessons to be learned?


Happy days

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Other reasons are that the new Prison is at Jurby which is in the North and remote. The southerner criminals fear being sent so far away, it's over 20 miles from where most of them live.


But one man that is feared even more is Michael Moyle the current High Bailiff of the Island. He stands no messing and rules with a hand of steel. If you come up before him you know your number is up when it comes to sentencing.

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What sort of criminals are these people? I doubt any serious career criminal would be scared straight by the thought of a nicotine patch. Or a 20 mile bus ride for his old lady to visit. Where did this delightful news item originate? If there's the slightest truth to it, then all we have to do is tell the criminal fraternity that if crime doesn't stop by next Wednesday, fags will be withdrawn from sale. Now that would be a result..... :wink:

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