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Digital disaster.


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Count yourself lucky obs we've got well over 200 channels of stuff (it may be even more I've never bothered checking but might do if I am ever really bored :lol: ).


You know what I'd completely forgotten about good old teletext as we unplugged our coaxial aerial lead 12 months ago as it seemed pointless swithching between TV and AV2 all the time... well actually the wire was getting on my nerves so I told my other half the dog had been messing with it :oops::lol:


Don't they have a similar servce on freeview then ?

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ITV used to have a worse format of teletext on freeview, but it's now gone off completely. :twisted: BBCs Ceefax is p**s poor in format and with a lack of content; can't find the TV progs or what's on now; so have to invest in a TV mag. :roll: Change isn't always for the better I'm afraid. :roll:

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gave up with buying tv guides. use the now and next on the digital and occasionally the seven day guide. if i want to know what is on for the next week then use this site.




can be customised to show only the channels yu get or the channels you are interested in.


one problem i do have is that it my tv has been on for about an hour the now and next does not update and shows no information available. if i turn the tv off and on again it then updates. not sure if it is the tv or the signal but it does not often bother me that much a si tend only to watch certain channels and know what is on them most of the time (rubbish :lol::roll: )

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Ooooh stop whinging there is nothing wrong with it.


Unless you have been conned into believing you need to shell out on more than just a cheap freeview box then it should have only cost you about ?20 and for that you get more channels too :roll:

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Picture on one of ours used to break up but it was in a bedroom with a little little indoor desktop type aerial. Stuck a larger ?24 Maplin one in the loft with proper coaxial cable to the TV and it works fine. Never a flicker and all channels are accessible.


Other spare TV was connected to the old arial on roof and only ever picked up a couple of channels but once digital switchover happened and the signal was boosted that worked fine too.


Check your coaxial cable first for damage and also the connectors cos if there is a bad connection the signal will be naff... you can buy the cable by the meter in Maplin and they sell the connectors seperately too for a few pounds.

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