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High Definition?


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yes they are a bit.


what you need is a set top box that can receive HD signals. your existing ariel should be ok for this. if you are on sky or cable you will still need to get one of their HD boxes to get high definition tv.




go to this site and click on the help section it has a link about HD on freeview which will explain things.


the bbc has a page exlaining some of this as well.



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You've got me thinking now obs....


Both of my sons TV's are HD Ready and both have built in Freeview. One runs through the ancient aerial on the roof which must be over 25 years old and the other via a cheap maplin aerial in the loft.


Both now pick up all channels perfectly since the digital switchover and we haven't had to change a thing which was a surprise considering all the hype.... but are they showing HD or normal ???


How can I tell. Are there only certain channels that are HD or what ?

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As far as I'm aware, regular DVB-T tuners that are in Freeview boxes, or built into your tellies won't work with HD Freeview when it happens (years off by the way).


Essentially, you need a different tuner to receive HD Freeview, and I believe it works by combining both tuners into one signal so it can reach the bandwidth required for HD - and I'm guessing it won't be full HD (i.e. 1080p).

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form the bbc website link posted above.


When will I be able to watch the BBC's high definition programmes on Freeview?

In April 2008 Ofcom announced plans to upgrade digital terrestrial television (Freeview) to allow for up to four new HD channels, including BBC HD. It expects to introduce high definition on Freeview, depending on where you live, from early 2010. For more information visit Freeview. You will need to purchase an 'HD Ready' digital box to get high definition channels on Freeview when it becomes available in your region.


freeview website link for hd freeview.



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