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Drop Kick?


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don't think any drop kick hits the floor before kicking it these days. i know it used to be the rule but does not seem to be enforced much.


however if you look at the words you could argue that he fulfilled the criteria.

DROP. he let go of the ball and it fell downwards so he has dropped it.

KICK. he did kick the ball even if it did not hit the ground until after it had bounced over the post.


if it had been you who had the chance and had done as he had would you have refused the money because you didn't do it properly???? :wink:

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if the ball does not hit the ground before being kicked it is called a "punt". for it to be a proper "drop kick" the ball must touch the ground before it is kicked.


mind you if the ball is passed to a player who then immediately drop kicks it could that not be classed as a knock on???

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