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Future World?


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apart from artificial intelligence (unless you count the WMD fiasco :wink: ) we have the rest. as for welcoming or fearing it i don't really know. it is something that is an everyday event and as such no more or less than public transport. you know it's there but take little notice of it until something goes awry.

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Watched a prog about it, which prompted the Q - ubiquitous computers are basically the fitting of inter-active computer chips in every fixture and fitting EG: cloths can be fitted with sensors to monitor one's health, cars could be fully automatic (no need to drive) just sit back and punch in your destination, and would be controlled by GPS and road sensors; virtual meetings for buisiness or social events, would negate travel etc. One bonus would be the elimination of politicians: no need for middle men, when all decision making could be based on the instant response to a central computer by ALL the people. Apparently, the first computer cost a ?million to build and took up a large room; now we can produce 100s of times that capacity in a tiny micro-chip for as little as 2p. Those who adapt to and adopt the new technologies will advance; those that can't, will be left behind: so perhaps a new division of the species? :?

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