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Anglo Saxon Hoard - The pics


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.....and very nicely put together too :wink: Watching your video was much nicer, easier and quicker than searching and looking at them individually on the various web links/pictures available.


But that still doesn't answer why you didn't post it on the original thread that was started and why you started a completely new topic of your own :P


I'm not picking on you by the way.. you just make me giggle sometimes with your posts so it makes me want to tease you :lol::wink::P


PS do you have a split personality and forget who you are sometimes :lol: SORRY I'M KIDDING AGAIN :D


Please feel free to slap me across the face with a wet towel or sweaty sock as that usually does the trick and calms me down... ooh I forgot you can't as you don't know where I live :lol:

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:D:shock: No Dismayed but remember I know where you work ....lol and im in that area about 5 times a week too :P


I work from home most of the time Indy.... I just visit them a few times a week and charge them for the having the off site privilege of my extensive level of knowledge and expertise... It's very rare that I actually WORK 'there' :lol::lol:


See you there on Thursday though if you are free and I'll set the CCTV cameras to 'zoom high res' so I can catch the IndySlap on 'film'. Bit of editing and it could be worth a fortune :lol::wink::P

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