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harry hayes

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Derby and Joan had been married for 60 years and they decided to use their bus pass to re-visit the village where they were born.

"Oh look, ther's our old school". The door was unlocked, so they went inside.

They went into their old class-room and there was the desk with the old inscribed message "Derby loves Joan". They kissed where once they would have been afraid.

On the way to the bus stop, an armoured car went past and a large bag of money fell out. "We'll keep this" said Joan, but Derby thought they should hand it in. "finders keepers" she said and they took it away and hid it in the attic.


Next day two detectives making house to house enquiries called and asked if they had seen a bag of money. "No" said Joan, but Derby then said "She's a liar".


The detective suddenly took a great interest, "Tell me all about it".

"Well, we were coming home from school yesterday". The detective stood up and said to his colleague "I'm out of here, this pair are doo-lally"


Happy days

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