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Jif lemons


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Does anyone know what happened to the Jif lemons we used to use during baking? It was a plastic lemon full of pure lemon juice, for those who don't know - just a squirt of that added the right amount of lemon juice to food especially on Pancake Day. While looking for the ingredients for Hawaiian Chicken a couple of days ago I realised that there wasn't a Jif in sight and nobody seems to know what became of them!!


Is there anybody out there who can help????? :roll::(:wink:



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Unilever still make it, so it should be available in most supermarkets




Interestingly Mrs K recently threw out a Jif as it had passed its sell by date, and I notice that she has replaced it with an unbranded alternative. :shock:

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That's something that has never occurred to me Brendam.


Every year I buy a Jiff Lemon (the one that you mention in a little lemon shaped squeezy plastic thing) but it is always around pancake day and they seem to be everywhere. Can't say I've ever seen or bought one at any other time though.


Maybe they are like cadburys cream eggs at easter and then simply disapear from the supermarkets (or maybe they are still there but hidden away from us all amongst all the other stuff and not so obvious).


Now that you have mentioned it I will probably find myself looking for Jiff Lemons everytime I shop. Thanks for that :shock::?:lol::P

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Recipe is as follows Sha:-


2lbs chicken breast , halved, skinless and boneless

1 x 16oz can pineapple rings

1 x 16oz tin mandarin segments

2 tbs cornflour made up with cold water

2 x tbs brown sugar

2 x tbs lemon juice

quarter tsp salt

Half tsp ground ginger

I add the juice from the pineapples too, tastes delicious!

This amount serves 5/6 people.

I almost forgot to say cook on top of stove for 2 hours, or in slow cooker on low for 5 hours.


Enjoy! :D

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