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Boys Try To Set Alight Girl Cancer Victim


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Scarlett Hellewell had to be rescued by neighbours when the pair pinned her down and attacked her with the aerosol can in Halifax, West Yorkshire.


She escaped with bruises when the deodorant did not catch fire.


The two young boys, believed to be only 10 and seven ran off.


A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "The girl was playing when she was approached by two young boys.


"(They) kicked and punched her before spraying an aerosol in her face and attempting to set her alight. The match did not ignite."


Scarlett is suffering from a tumour which has left her blind in one eye and with marginal sight in the other.


Her mother Paula, 38, a home support worker, said she was hoping to move away from the estate where they live.


She told the Yorkshire Post: "I was disgusted when I heard what these boys had done, though this is not the first time they have attacked her.


"Scarlett's brain tumour is getting bigger and this was the last thing we needed to happen."


What the hell is this world coming to?? :cry:

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It is coming to this Mary because there is no punishment anymore. Every criminal is seen as a victim these days by a liberal bunch of doo gooders who are running the country.


These kids should be found and taken into care for 10 years and punished for this as it is happening all too often these days to be seen as a one off anymore. The feral kids are being brought up by the first generation of feral parents who do not fear authority and see handouts and benefits as a way of life. They have no self worth and self ambition and they instill that into their feral offspring.


When I previously jokingly made reference to the fact that all boys should have a reversible vasectomy when they were born to stop every kid being a father and so end the teenage culture of having kids for benefits; I was ridiculed as having some kind of Nazi ideals by some.... far from it, I can't see any way out of this kids for benefits culture while every kid can have a kid.


Why would it be so wrong to make sure a child can't have a baby before it is born into somekind of relationship that may give it a better start in life?


Most of the kids like are depicted in the above story are the kind that are left to their own devices from the day they can walk and talk and usually know their rights from a very early age too and so know they are untouchable.


Educating these kids doesn't work so I would love to see the altrernative answers from our liberal minded friends on here.... because 12 years of it so far has lead to stories like the above happening all too often



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That is the sickest thing I have ever heard :evil:


It is beyond belief that anyone, let alone a 10 and 7 year old, could do something like that.



They should be locked up for life or better still PUT DOWN along with their parents :evil:

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