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Anyone good with music downloads


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I download a song from youtube as I can't the live version anywhere in the shops.


I clicked to download it on youtube and it worked and put it in my 'realplayer library' so I can watch and listen on my pc .


BUT... I need to put it on either my mp3 player or phone and it wont transer to either. Is that's because it is a video clip and my mp3 player doesn's support whatever format it is in ?


Please help as I really need the song :cry:

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if your phone supports showing video clips then you need to find out what format it is in. then go on the web and see if there is a converter to change the clip to one that your phone supports.


realplayer does allow you to burn to mp4 players so if you plug in your phone and start realplayer it may come up on the list and then you send it to the phone.


if you want it as an mp3 then you may have to find a program that can separate the audio from the video and record it that way or go on a peer to peer program and see if you can get the audio track that way.


or lets us know the track and see if anybody on here has it and can fix it for you, now then,now then, oOoOoOoO, and the band was sha---waddy---waddy :lol::wink:

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All sounds a bit complicated :?


I really wanted it on my MP3 player as it has better speakers/sound than my phone but I can direct to my phone as long as it wont wipe everything off it :shock:


Would it be easier if I tried to put it on a disc (as audio) or would I have the same problems. :?


Here's the song I want anyway.. no sarcy comments please.. :? for those with no soul it gets rather more powerful half way through :P


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