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just fantastic


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Well thats just fantastic,City get somebody daft enough to pay 100 million pounds for a team that dont even own their own ground and what happens ** he has all his money frozen by the Thai governmentm so thats Distin gone,Barton gone,Pearce gone six fringe players gone,the prospective new owner gone,no new manager in sight,and season ticket sales down by 30%,its never dull being a city fan.

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I was intrigued myself Gary,here are the odds for relegation next season with Coral bookmakers,


Derby 4/9

Birmingham 10/11

Wigan 11/8

Fulham 7/4

Sunderland 2/1

Man City 11/4

Middlesbrough 13/2

Reading 7/2

Bolton 15/2

West Ham 9

Portsmouth 12

Everton 25

Aston Villa 25

Blackburn 10

Newcastle 16

Tottenham 100

Arsenal 500

Liverpool 1000

Chelsea 1000

Man United 5000

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I think Arsenal have been quietly improving over the last two years, I don't particularly like Wenger but despite his attitude he is a good coach. They are only a striker short of being a contender this season.

Have you seen the reputed fee for Darren Bent?

The game is in a financial mess.

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