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New Kit


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It is made by Surridge from a new supplier from a local stockist supporting local business in these tough economic times.

Also local sponsor and linking in with the college students, providing their Academy players with the opportunity of playing for their town team and other students to carry out vocational work experience opportunities with the club.

One Town - one team - team Warrington.

Don't forget season ticket deal ends at the end of the month - so anyone who wants one I will have a supply with me on Saturday.

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> It is made by Surridge from a new supplier from a local stockist supporting local business.


How does that work Gary. Does the club go to a local supplier who uses Surridge rather than the club going direct to the manufacturer themselves


Surridge supply the kit which is then badged up by the local supplier.

They have agents around the country so we get the same deal as going to them direct.

Being a local businessman I believe it is vitally important to source everything locally as it knot only supports the local economy and local people but ais also more environmentally friendly - I can literally walk to our supplier.

It also means that we can have replica jerseys made to order.


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Hi Gary,

When will the new tops be available to purchase. Lad cant wait to get his hands on one.

Looking forward to the new season, had withdrawl symptoms for the past couple of months :)




If they are not available this weekend they will be for the Bury game. You will be able to buy them from the club shop on match days and at Whites Sports throughout the week.

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Like the look of it Gary, was hoping for something different for the diamond jubilee season. Hopefully it will sell well and raise plenty of money for the club. Will we have to wait for the trip to Halifax to see the new away kit? Heswall play in Yellow and Blue, so when we go there, we'll have to wear a change strip :lol:

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I will have some in my possession at 4pm tomorrow if you want to meet up on the club car park !! Or can you wait until Saturday!!

The bad news is there are no large sizes for another month or so as they ran out of stock!! So XL or medium or youth sizes available.

I think an XL will do you Andy! :wink::lol:

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Nice shirt and a good fit !!


Changing the subject I nearly crashed the car yesterday afternoon.


I was on my way to pick up the in-laws from the Wolves game, put Radio Warrington on in the car and who was commentating, our chief exec!!


I'm like a rash - I get everywhere! :lol:

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Tragic news regarding the fire at Touchline.


Good luck to everyone invovled/connected to the businesses


Nightmare for Touchline, the football club, our sponsors, everyone!

But my thoughts are with Ray Fisher and his team who have worked so hard to build up a local business.

It couldn't have happened at a worst time for them and I am sure there will be lots of local clubs in chaos now.


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