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Now here's an idea

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looks ok for "simple" items but wonder if it will be able to cope with ore complicated designs anytime soon.


i have seen the plastic prototyping machines and they can produce almost anything that can be shown as a 3D computer generation. so if you wanted to see what a design looked like in the "flesh" you set the machine and it produced in plastic a replica.


that machine used a bath of plastic that reacts and hardens under a uv light. the object is built up in a similar manner on a plate which slowly lowers into the bath as it is formed until the design is finished.


using that you could make an engine block with all the appropriate cavities just to see if it was a viable design.


cost a bit more than 500 euro's though :shock:


at the time i saw ths it was making a copy of a wine glass that had been tilted to one side. it was fascinating watching it but even such a simple thing took about six hours to produce.


will be interesting to see how this develops and if it has a practical mass market use.

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Are you saying Baz if the euro was worth more than the pound you would be for ir :?::wink::D


nope.... I'm saying things are as they should be. If the Euro is ever worth more than the pound then this isn't how things should be....



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