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Just to inform everyone the Supporters Club now have a brand new website up and running


visit www.supportthetown.co.uk for more information


I will happily take on board any suggestions for improvements/additions to the website that anyone may suggest. please email me richardsmales@hotmail.co.uk


I hope to set up an online shop so all us town fans can purchase items from there if unable to attend matches etc. all money raised will be donated to the club during the season.


Also sign up for the regular newsletter to be sent to your personal email address.


Online supporters club membership will also be available to purchase at a later date (once finalised)

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Well done Richard - a great effort and on behalf of the board of directors can I say a big thank you for the time, effort and dedication you have shown the club since becoming a fan last season.

If we can harness your enthusiasm and commitment and replicate it across the entire club and town we will certainly become a force to be reckoned with.

Keep up the good work and don't forget your paint brush tonight! :roll::lol::wink:

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Just like to say Thanks for all the praise for the new Supporters Club Website, and to those who have signed up for the Newsletter which will be out shortly after a few more users have signed up. This is my Job creating Websites etc so anything to help with the future of Warrington Town I am more than happy to put my time into completing.


as mentioned previously any ideas are all welcome just email me and i will discuss further.


Keep checking for regular updates and spread the word, plus soon to be announced online shop will be ready for the start of the league season.

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