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Criminal charges for the pigs?


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Dave Cameron is calling for the police to investigate those MPs who have clearly acted illegally by making fraudulent claims. :shock: Most of those who have announced they are standing down at the next election, will receive "golden good-byes" at our expense. :twisted: So, should they be charged and taken through the courts for their actions? :?

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The head of North Wales Police (Richard Brunstrom ).. has warned he may take action against MPs on his patch if they have wrongly claimed expenses.. According to him it "warrants criminal investigation" and the scandal "shocked him to the core". (A bit like people who visit Wales and accidentally do 35 mph and get 3 points on their licence for it... sorry I digress :oops:


He's has also apparently asked the Daily Telegraph if there has been any evidence of law-breaking involving MPs from north Wales as the "The contempt being shown to the public by MPs beggars belief."


Anyway he retires in July so they may get away with it :wink:

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