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Party Chiefs Join Forces against BNP


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Pull the other one Loo, instead of pips and crowns on your shoulder you have chips.





































































Of course I meant French Fries. :wink:

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House was sold about a year ago, the asking price was a couple of million as I recall.


I wonder what happened to his mum and dad.... they were lovely people.


However his dad did try to turn me to the dark side once..... Richards younger brother; Jamie was at public school and one time during the holidays, his dad phoned mine and asked if we would like to go see a football match with them. Dad said yes (I was only 11 I think and as such had no say in the matter....) it turned out to be at Anfield and the poo were playing Stoke!! Liverpool won 5-2 as I recall..... however the sight of so many Scousers in one place scarred me for a long time..... Mind you; I think it was the last time they actually won the league! :lol::lol:

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