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Enough is enough?


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The point will only have been made when those who have abused the system are dealt with and the whole system has been changed.



That is one of today's biggest problems. Let's forget about it and it will go away.

These people are supposed to be representing us and looking after the country, not screwing it.

SACK them.

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Believe the Telegraph has employed 25 accountants to sift through over a million docuements and identify the anomalies. Whilst MPs blame "the system" and it's sloppy management; not one them has blown the whisle on this since it came in in 1983. :shock: The arrogant attitude of many of them has been exemplified by the outburst of Mr Viggers MP, who claimed it was an intrusion into his private life - blaming the Government's introduction of the "freedom of information act". :roll: The mass of an economically challenged public are rightly apalled by it; given that this feeding frenzy has been at their expense. :shock: However, methinks the motive for the Archbishop's outburst, is their fear of a voter protest support for "extremists" - and here's me thinking that this greedy exploitation of the public purse was "extreme". :wink:

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Politics and religion.....a dangerous combination. :wink:


Exposing fraud and those who "work" the system, long may it continue. Once MPs have been dealt with then hopefully the spotlight will move elsewhere.....in the public sector :wink:


The Daily Telegraph is performing a valuable public service and should be congratulated.

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...... and they get seats in the House of Lords too


About time that was stopped.


Quite. Especially with the cash for peerages scandal, Also the rise of fundamentalism in the Church of England, and Rowan Williams and co too spineless to deal with it. Unelected peers and a few moderate C of E people were one thing. People who've bought their way into political influence, and religious fundamentalists who want to impose their own agenda on the country are quite another.

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