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Next World Cup?


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I have checked and the criteria is 10 stadia over 40,000 with 2 over 60,000.


Currently we have Wembley (90), OT (76), Anfield (61), Emirates (60) plus Twickers (82) after due negotiation.


That is London Group and North West Group sorted with City Of Man (48) New Goodison (55), Stamford Bridge (43).


Then no other area could currently stage a group without development, St James, Stadium of Light in the North East and Villa in the Midalnds are the only ones that are suitable at the moment.


It will cost a few quid to provide 8 groups spread around the country.

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Unlike the begging bowl Olympics the FA will finance the competition , mainly by readily available sponsorship for a good product, and will take the profit. Football is a far better marketable entity than a multi-sport nonsense that has failed to ignite the public..

The 'many clubs almost bankrupt' is of no consequence to the national body.

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