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Local transparency?


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Is the information not suppsoed to be in the public domain? I suppose in light of what we find out when we do see, I doubt they'd jump up and down and shout "here's mine, would anyone like to see?" :roll:


It is certainly about time there was a serious review of the whole matter, I think their salary should reflect with in reason an amount allowing for the cost implications of their role but not reflect personal taste and preferences, simply cover with in reason and ecomonically the added expense incurred by the demands of their jobs and no more and it shoudl be capped!!! :x

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All the info (2008/9)was sent to the local press a week or so ago...with a copy to Councillors. Understand it will be on the WBC website in due course


Kennedy PJ


Basic Allowance ?7,510.56

Travel, Subsistence & Mileage Allowances ?239.90


Total ( and all subject to PAYE :wink: ) ?7,750.46

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