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Woolston u/17's Rugby League dropped from league

Geoff Settle

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Woolston Rovers under 17's would like to hear from any u/17's who want to play Rugby League.


Training at the moment takes place at Padgate High School on a Tuesday evening 7-8pm (ask for the coach Nick Settle) with games on a Sunday at around 11:30.


Home matches are at Bennetts Rec near Padgate Railway Station.


Don't worry if they haven't played much, I'm sure that Nick will bring out the best in them. :D


They can always contact me via the Private Message facility and I will pass on the details to Nick.


[ 29.11.2007, 13:09: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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I've got an electronic copy of Nick's poster for anyone who is willing to print it off and pin it up on their local noticeboard, community centre, library, school, pub etc. Please post a note to my PM and let me know your email address.


He's just been telling me about an email he has received this morning from the RL development office about asking if teams want to visit Prague. :)


They want to hear from British Teams. Apparently they got 2,000 spectators at one match recently.

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Well that's it posters everywhere, I've done my bit, schools, pub, shops, libraries, sports centres, Birchwood shopping centre and not a single recruit yet.


I suppose that there is so much choice these days that the 15 & 16 year olds have found other things than rugby league to do. It's the same with Athletics they just seem to loose interest for a couple of years.

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