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Given blood locally?

Geoffrey Settle

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I remember the first time that I gave blood. I was working in Burnley and the lads convinced me that it wouldn't hurt a bit. I'd also been practicing yoga so I could relax easily.


I took my copy of Athletics Weekly to read and lay down to relax.


I didn't feel a thing but ten minutes later the nurse came up and asked if I would put a small block of wood in my hand and squeeze.


I was so relaxed that the blood was hardly coming out at all. I did what she asked and it poured out.


I had a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and finished reading my magazine. :D

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I've always been scared of giving blood as I have a bit of a phobea of neddles but a friend convinced me to suck it up when they came to work about 4 years ago, the idea of an hour paid off work clinched it!


I went out to the van, filled in all the paper work lay down looking out the window and not at the huge needle they were going to put in my arm. Five minutes later the guy gave up, he couldn't find a vain! So even when I do pluck up the courage to give blood they can't get at it!

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