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Gullivers World - nasty neighbours?


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I was out walking with my little girl on Sunday morning and went by my usual route past Gullivers Park only to find it was all fenced off. Bearing in mind that I and many others (no doubt Wingnut especially) have used this right of way for many years and considering that it has been designated as a public right of way by the Council what gives Bullyvers the right to close this off? You would think that such a company would like to remain on the good side of the local populace given that many, including my family, are also regular customers but it seems that they do not care a jot for our rights just our money.

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I know Gullivers World were involved in an appeal over a dispute involving a public right of way - may be they have won it?

I think they lost the appeal Gary according to our local councillor anyway


Sorry Gary the appeal is still ongoing. The Council designated the old road as a public right of way and Gullivers World have appealed. They are probably trying to establish some kind of ownership or whatever but they are blocking my legal right of way and I will be letting them know asap. I will keep you updated.

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