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Newlove FM - Warrington's New community radio station


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I have been a regular listener of Radio Warrington for many years and I am amazed at the quality and diversity being broadcasted!


Within the last 5 months Radio Warrington has made many changes to their website from up to date information, new sponsors and a load more presenters!

It is more than clear they are in a process of change and for the better! They have the history, experience and drive to continue broadcasting material which offers a higher level of entertainment

than the competitors, most of which continually stream the same music and constant annoying advertisements day after day!


It is an appalling situation that the New Loves can set-up a radio station and bypass all the rules and regulations set by ofcom due to celebrity backing and

it is more than obvious that it is another commercial radio station trying to gain more listeners by using the new loves in order to appear that they are batting for a good cause!


If the New Loves truely cared about their community the offer made by radio warrington would of been put in practice! and funding would of been granted due to new loves portfolio

but they did not reply and this is a clear indication that the new loves are more concirned about a celebrity status more than the 1st and most important cause of all being to work with

the community and stop crime on the streets of warrington.


Radio Warrington was set-up and is run by local people who dedicate their valued time for a good cause they clearly strive to give the people of Warrington what they want to hear! and make

appearances at local events in order to entertain and interact with the community!


Once again it falls back to the people having to put their feet firmly in the ground and fight against the rules and regulations set by large corporate businesses looking for only one main return, money!!


All I ask of my fellow Neighbours is back the one true Community station and spread the word about Radio Warrington. If you have not listened and you have a computer visit their website

email your friends and talk to your local businseses let them know we have a Station that wants to help our community and the potential we all could gain from it.


Maybe one day Ofcom and the other powers that be will actually listen to what we really want and push for an FM Frequency to be granted.


James Powell

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Whilst I appreciate what Newlove FM is meant to represent and I do admire the families strength and their 'will' to do something to make a difference locally maybe they have not considered that they could also be making a difference by supporting an existing community radio station such as yours rather than to set up their own in competition. Maybe it was just an oversight caused by bright lights and other media 'pushing'.


I think your 'about us' page on Radio Warrington's home page just about sums up the level of community commitment that you all at Radio Warrington have shown during the past few years.




The opportunities you already have on offer to Local youngsters (and us oldies hopefully) through media training, access to your facilities and above all steering away from the ?it?s all about making money? should, if nothing else, prove that you really are community based station.


24 hours a day for almost two years and all UNPAID... well that's definately commitment. You are either all mad or just love it :shock: Guess it's the latter eh :D


Good luck and don't give up trying to get your FM licence.... YOU DESERVE IT 8)

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Newlove radio will be a "temporary" licence - don't know how temporary - but it seems to be another good reason for them to tie up with Radio Warrington so it can continue evermore online and eventually on FM.

Or is that too much like common sense?

Can anyone reading this who has dirfect access to the Newlove hotline please give them a gentle prod that there is a hard working community group who wnat to work with them - otherwise we could end up witha community radio wars here in Warrington which won't do any one any good.

There is surely no harm in the two organisations having as meeting?

Witht he town's other "community radio station" in the process of moving out of town and becoming a clone of other stations in the North West there is going to be a major need for a strong community radio station.

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When Colin Parry became something of a "celebrity" following the IRA attacks on Warrington, he came in for some criticism (quite wrongly in my opinion) for making money out of his son's tragic death.


I am intrigued as to why you found it OK for Parry to make money out of his sons death. I have lost a loved one in similarly tragic circumstances but never saw the need nor had the urge to go out and benefit from their death in any way shape or form.


If anyone makes a single penny for them selves out of the murder of a loved one they are surely personally profitting from that criminal act?

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I just visited the Ofcom website and found that Wire FM's target audience is 25-44 year olds in Warrington and Halton. There is no requirement to feature local news, local music or music other than "today's best music mix etc". That is their remit and they are very successful at what they do.


Mrs Newlove's ambition can be realised and I would hope that the vast talent that is on the existing radio stations in Warrington can be tapped into. We have a successful and dedicated on-line station, a thriving hospital radio station and an enthusiastic student radio station already. That is before we consider the many Bedroom FM stations that are on-line in their own right.


The issue of a temporary licence is no guarantee of a permanent licence and may only last a few weeks.


Can we have more information about the proposals from Mrs Newlove and the Wolves? Does anyone have a contact there?

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Doubt it ever will Obs despite peoples good intentions :cry:


The penalties need to be much tougher and the prison environment needs to be a lot harder. But they can't do the latter becasue of human rights. :evil:


Noticed the bloke that stabbed the young chap to death on Manchester Road last year has had his sentence cut by 2 years becasue of some ridiculous reason :evil:

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