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Who do you think you are fooling?


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It's not that bad :?:shock: Or is it :cry:


The US government's debts have ballooned so badly the their National Debt Clock in New York has run out of digits to display the spiralling debt figure. :shock:


It's digital counter marks the national debt level, but when that passed the $10 trillion point last month, the sign could not display the full amount.


The debt board was erected to highlight the $2.7 trillion level of debt back in 1989 but now it's passed the $10 trillion :shock:


But don't worry too much as there is a solution......The clock's owners have said two more zeros will be added, allowing the clock to record a quadrillion dollars of debt. :shock:


Phew :?:?:?:

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At least in the US they are honest about what the national debt is, not like double book keeping Brown and Darling!!! :wink::wink::wink:


True Aps :wink:


Do you recon we'd ever get such a display board here ? :wink: Wonder how big it will have to get :shock:


They'd probably only get half way through installing it and no doubt a developer would build a housing estate or block of flats in it's way :wink::lol:

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