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Grand Final


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So Leeds who finished second are given another chance in a play off with Saints (which they lose). So then they are given a third chance with a play off against the winners of the play offs between 3rd and 6th, which then leads to a fourth chance with a Grand Final appearance and another opportunity to beat Saints (and didn't they do well).


Still can't get my head round these play offs. It seems to me that all you need do is end up in the top six by the end of the season and then keep your best for the play offs and the biggest prize in RL. :roll::roll:


Well done to Leeds though for outplaying Saints on the day that mattered :D

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Another imported idea from Oz as a means of squeezing the last drop of value out of the competition. You have to have a mathematical doctorate to understand it. Aside from that full marks to Leeds for tactically outhinking St Helens. They did what the Wire have failed to do for years and move the defensive line up quickly and get in their faces. The game also exposed the gamesmanship defensive tactics formulated by Anderson and that is to involve as many of your players in the tackle as you can and lie on for that split second preventing a quick play the ball to allow the defensive line to form. Referees have never spotted it but when St Helens were behind on the scoreboard and time rapidly running out they couldn't get off the tackled player quick enough. It's the old adage proved...cheats never prosper. Justice was done. It cheered me up enormously to see the faces of the St Helens players at the end. They did themselves no favours by leaving the playing area as soon as the final hooter sounded showing big disrespect to the Leeds team.

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I went and enjoyed it for what it was,a great occasion for all fans of our game to meet and share a fine days rugby with lots of pre match banter :D Shame about the weather but that's life.Roll on next year when we will be cheering on our Wires ! (oh well hope springs eternal,as they say)

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