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Why a Spider?


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Anyone tell me what a French designed and French built spider at a a cost of ?1.8m has to do with Liverpool culture. :?:?


Considering that the cities tourism revolves totally around (The Beatles) themed pubs, clubs and mystery tours, surely a Beetle would have been more appropriate. :?:roll:

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A few replies from some Liverpool based forums...


"i wonder how much that cost? that money could be invested in helping us at university instead. " (note the "I" without a capital letter.... education isn't what it used to be then!!)


"its a piece of poo and waste of money "


"waste of money"


"maybe it's a beatle eating spider.. lol "


"am just thinking if its all about showing off

liverpool as the european capital of culture.

what exactly is it showing off? liverpool is

fulla french spiders or something?"


"Considering the run down state of some parts

of Liverpool, maybe the money could have been

better spent elswhere. "


"if some of the liverpudlin yobs get hold of

it, they will metal it down for scrap metal. !


"Ew, why bother? this is possibly the most pointless thing Liverpool could have done. niiiiiiiice one us"


"i hate spiders but that is pretty neat...


but jesus that's a lot of tax payer euros!"


and finally one which I think may be from Wolfie:


"I hope it eats Steven Gerrard"

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