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Cheshire Cat's Rugby League Club - good initiative

Geoffrey Settle

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Sound like a good initiative for the southerners - the youngsters will now be able to not only watch but play Rugby League. (were'nt there any clubs south of the Canal?)


I wonder if they will be looking for RL coaches - my son returns from Perth in September where he's been working with the Reds RL development officer.

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Thanks James, he's spent a number of years as a Primary-link coach with the Wolves (he hopes they'll have him back on his return) and he went to school at Bridgewater and then college at Priestley so he knows the south very well.


He's just been put forward for a coaching award by the Western Australian Government for work as an active kids club coach. Just wish I had his energy. :D

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Hi Gents


It's nice reading this feedback, we've had some very nice well wishers since we sent the press release out last week. As it stands I think Warrington Worldwide are the only media outlet that has published the story so far, so we are indebted to you guys!


Geoff, I'd be delighted to hear from your son as soon as he comes back, from what you have written he fits the bill on what we are looking for. I know of a local player that is fantastic with the kids, he's currently at Rochdale Hornets and spent some time playing for Warrington Wizards. I've asked him for help with the coaching and he has agreed, but we certainly hope to need more than one caoch before long!


Thanks again!


Neil Waters

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According to the news item they are waiting for the council to provide a home and facilities.

Isn't the idea of playing teams in the midlands and beyond a touch ambitious at this very early stage.......playing other teams in the local area would be more realistic

I am not trying to pour cold water on an exciting new venture but 'run before you walk' springs to mind.

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Hi Gary & Eagle,


Thanks for your support Gary, must say I look forward to your video interviews with James Lowes each week.


With regards to playing venue, the council have offered us temporary use of facilities in our target area and also one none -council organisation have offered fantastic temporary lodgings, at the minute I cannot reveal the identity as it would steal my thunder for press release #2! :wink:


Eagle, your right it is a bold move to go further a field. As we've put in the email, the teams we'll field are hopefully kids new to the game. For our initial 12 months or so the emphasis is purely on having fun, we've probably started up a little bit late to be enroled in NWC juniors this year, but as you can appreciate, committing to a full fixture list at this early stage might be a bit foolish.


The last thing, I'd like to do is get a team full of kids in that haven't played the game before then take them to an established team with kids that have had a number of years coaching behind them. Fun is the key, how many would come back if their first game was a drubbing?


But you are right, we do need to play local teams and we will. The ideas behind playing midlands teams emphasises the expansion theme, while at the same time it gives the kids a day out - hopefully with the travelling they will see it as a big day out and go back to school on the monday telling their friends.


When we are ready, and only when we are strong enough we will start integrating with the other junior teams in the town. The possiibility of hosting our own tournament/festival isn't out of the question.


As the saying goes, 2 heads are better than one, and we are looking for volunteers for off field positions as well as on field. I think both have equal importance, if you would like to get involved in any capacity feel free to contact me.






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There have been a couple of teams south of the water, Grappenhall Griffins circa 1991, and more recently Grappenhall Giants, the former folded, after much apathy, the latter now come under the banner of Latchford Albion, as Latchford Giants.

Its been tried before and despite a bright start, apathy has always taken over, so good luck, I hope your successful, this coming from the only Grappenhall captain to lift championship silverware


Woody 8)

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