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Roast Peppers


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As many Red Peppers as you wish / need


Enough fresh peeled tomatoes for you to use 2 quarters per half a pepper


Anchovies - if you dont like you could use a dash of Worcester Sauce or leave out.


Fresh garlic - sliced, you need enough to put a few slices into each pepper half.


Olive Oil






Pre heat oven to Gas 4 or equivalent


Halve each pepper and remove any pith and seeds etc then lay on a lightly oiled baking sheet


Place 2 quarters of tomatoe into each half of pepper, you could use less or more depending on size of peppers and tomatoes.


Add an anchovi or dash of sauce to each pepper (if using)


Add a few slices of garlick to each pepper, if your not keen just use one, it makes all the difference, roast garlick isn't as strong in flavour


Drizzle a table spoon or two of Olive Oil over each pepper half, again depending on size of peppers.


Season well


Bake in oven for 45 to 50 mins

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