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Right to privacy V Public Interest?


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Where do we draw the line between an individual's right to privacy and intrusion by the press? :? The Max Moseley case, seems to have dealt a blow to sensationalism by the tabloids, and frankly I'm not interested in his orgys; but I might be interested in media investigations into political corruption. :wink:

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Who decides what is in the "Public Interest"? and what is it?

I agree. Corruption should be reported, but lets just deal with the facts, not gorge on it.

Lets face it, a lot of people had never heard of the guy before this happened, and who cares anyway. It wasn't hurting anyone.

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It wasn't hurting anyone.


If that is true, on the basis of the following comment in the Guardian:


".........Mosley in a sadomasochistic orgy,"


Seems like a case for Trading Standards, isn't Mr Mosley entitled to a refund given he paid the women involved. :wink::D:D:D


I understand that in cases like this, the participants take part voluntarily, and some even enjoy it. :shock::oops:

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I think we have the right to know about anything that affects us, political corruption does, plastic bags, oranges and a banana up the jacksie while reciting mine kempfh (sp) does not.


did he deserve ?60k for the fact they said "nazi connotations" no an appology and costs would do... hey they can call me a nazi for ?60k

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