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Stockton Heath Primary School - Old Photos -more please


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Here are some old photo's of Stockton Heath Primary School.


It opened on 2nd May 1910 and closed it's doors to pupils for the very last time yesterday 24th July 2008. Demolition works will start now and it will be gone forever within the next 8 weeks :cry:


(For those who don't know.... the school is a Locally Listed Victorian/Edwardian Building bordering a Conservation Area and the Council decided to demolish and replace it with a new building. Despite a petition of over 5000 names to save it and use the money to enhance the sound existing building instead and also despite the backing of the Victorian Society etc etc etc the council finally got their wish after a very lengthy battle and one failed attempty :roll:)


Anyway, enough of that.


I thought it would be nice to upload a few old pics I have including the original drawing for the ground floor layout c1907/08 by Joseph Holt the architect. If anyone has any more could you add them please :D


Memories and all that :wink:

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School as it was last year before building works started (south side view)




Photo o original plans for the ground floor by Joseph Hold, Architect. Also showing future extension possibilities for more classrooms :shock::wink:




Plaque comemorating the opening ceremony on 2 May 1910




Scanned copy of old postcard/photo from 1910 showing original allotments at the front. The land was then bought and much later used for the location of the all weather pitch.




PE Lessons possibly c1920 (north-east side view) View of building exactly the same today appart form the 'dalek' which was removed from the roof during the war.






Original Range? built into cellar wall. Said to have been used for cooking, heating and cookery lessons




Old mangle in the cellar




Various group photos (dates unknown)









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Great photos......and school milk, there's a thing.....looks like early 60s



And just who exactly got rid of the milk, could it be Thatcher Thatcher, school milk snatcher :wink:


Lovely photos Dismayed. For some reason i always imagined it was much older

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Indeed she did, just goes to show how she was prepared to take tough....but right decisions. As I recall at the time milk was becoming less popular and its benefits were becoming less significant at a time of improved nutritional standards. Interestingly free school milk is available in parts of the country. When I used to have.....and enjoy the milk, it was left unrefrigerated, guess today with elf & safety that wouldn't be allowed and then of course schools might be sued by parents if their little darlings developed a milk allergy etc....and of course glass bottles would no longer be allowed.....and then of course there is lifting the milk crates...it just goes on and on.


A bit of historical...and educational fact:


Education (Provision of Meals) Act in 1906. This released funds to provide nutrition for children unable to take full advantage of educational opportunities through lack of food.

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Great photos......and school milk, there's a thing.....looks like early 60s


I had hoped that rather than just being razed, there would be some architectural salvage. Hope the plaque will be saved.


We still got free school milk when I was there (I started in 1970 ish).


As for architectural salvage not enought time :cry:


I agree though, if nothing else the original plaque and also engraved large stone door lintels (which say 'Senior Boys Entrance, Junior Boys Entrance and same for girsl) should DEFINATELY be retained. Cllr Jordan once suggested the lintels should be made into seating in the playground :?


Inside there are all the old style chunky radiators, lovely solid wood flooring, old doors etc etc. Would imagin they will be 'salvaged' :wink:

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good photos i went to stockton heath primary from 1966-?1972 possibly the photos werent from that era...my uncle went there many years before me and he resembles somebody in the pics...id say they were from 1920/30/40 but definately not 60s...nice to see it all especially the village st.thomas,s where i attended sunday school and was christend..and the canal and walton hall spent half my youth playing around there..........

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This is called preservation Bajz! Imagine our country without it's heritage and architecture! Are you all for clean white lines and not much else to talk about? I thought this forum would share nice stories and pictures of our ancestors. Not really interested in your opinion regarding this, it's pointless and NOT at all informed.... yawn, yawn! 

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