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Tried one last night: cheated a bit, with pre-packed veg from the S/Market and a sweet/sour sauce. :oops: Used sliced fillet steak - everythink done in the wok in less than 10 mins: verdict - OK - probably quite healthy (all those veg) but slightly too sweet - will need to experiment further. :wink:

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I enjoy restaurant Sweet and Sour Pork and Sweet and Sour Beef. I wonder if the sauce you received packaged was simple red Plum Sauce. If I was preparing or supervising preparation of my meal I'd have to add pineapple chunks and onions to the sauce, maybe some sliced green peppers. Can't imagine what the veggies might have been. All I require is the breaded meat pre-deep fried, and then the plum sauce with pineapple, onions, and peppers.

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Observer, there is NOTHING wrong with as you put it cheating, we are not all sat at home all day growing our own, at least you're havign a go, good for you.


Different supermarkets sell a different and or wider variety of the same range if that makes sense, so shop around, I go in different shops for different things.

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