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Over seas recipes, Mary?


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I have Asian folk landing on my doorstep constantly. any Asian recipes, preferably with rice rather than noodles (I can't handle noodles)

Japanese food is rather bland, Thai just seems to be rice and spice.


Anyone please help.


Japanese gagged with my crisp butties. Funny that, they didn't even appreciate my chip butties. Most odd.

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Well since I love to eat and I used to cook all the time I sure can give you recipes!


Potato Salad?


Sunday Pot Roast?


Danish Puff?


Lasagna with home made meat sauce?


Ask and I will tell - If you like

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I'd like the recipe for the lasagna with home made meat sauce Mary. I make a good lasagna but don't make the sauce home made & would love to try that. I usually mix a bunch of the different types of sauces together to make the sauce. Everybody loves the way I make it but if I could make the sauce home made & still be just as good I'd rather do it that way.

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