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XBOX 360 connection HELP !!!


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HELP !!!!!


My pc's connected to an ntl/virgin broadband modem via a long ethernet cable (ie straight into my pc).


How can I connect my sons Xbox 360 to work via the same broadband connection but WITHOUT him nicking the ethernet cable out of the back of my pc :cry:


Is there a way that we can both be 'hardwired' to the same broadband connection via ethernets. Doesn't matter if it has to run through my pc as long as we can both use it at the same time.


Failing that I do have a wireless router and dongle in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Could I use that on an Xbox 360 and if so HOW ?


Thanks :D

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Thanks but I'm still confused (doesnt take much).


From what it says I think I need a special xbox wireless RJ45 ethernet dongle/thingy for the xbox... ?50 :shock: and a wireless gaming router that is certified by microsoft as xbox compatible... more ???? I guess.


I'm sure there must be an easier and cheaper way as it all sounds rather costly.......perhaps I'll just give him my PC ethernet cable and I'll stay off the internet :shock::cry:

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