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Friday 27th June rock show


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Free - Alright Now

Def Leppard - Come On Come On

Def Leppard - Armageddon it

Whitesnake - Love Hunter

Quo - Burning Bridges

AC/DC - Long Way 2 the Top (if ya wanna rock and roll)

Lizzy - Boys are Back in Town

Thunder - Dirty Love

AC/DC - Highway to Hell

KISS - Crazy Nights

Boston - More than a Feelin'

Whitesnake - Long Way From Home

Def Leppard - Hanging on the Telephone ( A FEEBLE cover of the Blondie original !)

Def Leppard - 20th century Boy ( NOT A PATCH ON THE BOLAN ORIGINAL !)

Saxon - This Town Rocks

AC/DC - Who Made Who

Led Zep - Rock and Roll

UFO - Only You Can Rock Me

Diamond Head - Shoot Out the Lights

Jaguar - Run Ragged ( YES I did know who it was !)

Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast

Rainbow - Kill the King

Quo - Down Down

Ten Years After - Love Like a Man

Aerosmith - Crying

Meatloaf - 2 out of 3 Aint Bad

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It was ok ........ not bad for an old man ! :roll: I bet ya was sweating a bit weren't ya Gaz ? bet ya thought I wasn't going to be listing 'em :wink:


Not as much as you will be sweating to see if I invite you back into the studio for some more stick! :lol::wink:

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