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Exclusive Michael Monaghan video Interview


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It's a pity the interview took place before the remarks made by Mr Monaghan in todays Warrington Guardian. In it he said that it would be good to get back to the HJ and play in front of the true fans instead of the boo boys who went to France. Just what does he consider to be a *true* fan ? Aren't the two and a half thousand fans who went to support the team in France at a cost of some hundreds of pounds *true* fans ? Had I been one of them I would be extremely angry with Mr Monaghan today for such crass remarks. He came here along with Matt King with the reputation of being world class players. Well, we've seen nothing up to date to confirm these reputations. The first time I saw Mr Monaghan I could see he was no half back and in fact was a hooker who fancied himself as a halfback and he's no better than most of the domestic halfbacks in this country. Jimmy Lowes should play him at hooker and if he doesn't like it he should be told he's a contracted PLAYER with the club not a contracted halfback. He's a good worker and solid in defence up the middle but he's no Alex Murphy. Also, he's not familiar with the historic reputation of the club. For years we have been told that *next year* is definitely going to be the year for us. Now Mr Monaghan has put a slightly different slant on the mantra. It's not next year but could be the year after that or even perhaps the year after that !!

At this rate a lot of us are going to be dead before we have anything to cheer about.

Latch and me are getting no younger.

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