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Tourists not wanted -

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Seems after decades of mass tourism to the Med,  locals have had enough.   I remember over 30 years ago telling a group of Greeks, that tourists will destroy their cultural heritage, but alas they placed income ahead of outcome,  and suffered the annual event of drunken Brits despoiling their culture.   Seems now they've finally absorbed the wealth and are reacting to this annual migration.     😠

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From what I saw on telly yesterday, it’s more about the fact that so many homes had been converted into holiday apartments making it difficult for the locals to find anything they could afford. I did a three-week winter break in the canaries recently but stayed in a hotel. Talking to many Brits in the bars though and so many of them were spending most of the winter months self-catering in these relatively cheap apartments. When you do the sums, it’s not that bad an idea and it certainly gets you away from the woes of our winters.

As for them loosing their culture, I suppose that’s true to some extent but it’s the way of the world these days, just part of evolution.


Bill 😊

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