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What a Giveaway!


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There’s always been a bit of a debate in our family about which baked beans taste the best to the point where my son will only eat Heinz because to him, all others taste awful.

So, it was interesting to read today that there was a safety recall due to a bad batch, possibly containing small rubber balls that might cause a risk of a child choking. It wasn’t just Heinz though; the same contaminated batch went into cans of Branston and those of all the leading supermarkets home brands.

The story I read was from the Liverpool Echo and said that the rubber balls were 2.5cm in diameter but that’s about as big as a gobstopper and could never be confused with a baked bean so maybe they meant 2.5mm? Despite all the different makers labels, all the baked beans had the same batch and date code.

So the next time anyone buys baked beans, it’s worth remembering this especially when the supermarket home brands are often sold at a fraction of the price of Heinz.


Bill 😊

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I always used to cook the beans in the frying pan after the bacon. The bacon fat gave the sauce that extra bit of flavour and saved having to wash an extra pan. These days though, Mrs Green has turned into a bit of a Jack Sprat, so bacon and beans just don’t taste as good as they used to.

The interesting point though is if it’s exactly the same premium foodstuffs being sold with supermarket labelling at reduced prices, are we being overcharged? I know it’s not always the case, for example I’ve never found any other cornflakes that taste as good as the original from Kellogg’s, but I can’t detect any difference whatsoever with Sainsburys version of Rice Crispies and Shreddies, but their price is only about a third of the cost. I’m sure there are many other items like this where people could make significant savings on their weekly shop providing their willing to try them.


Bill 😊

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i am one of those who will give most things a try and have been surprised many a time.

aldi especially has some good stuff very cheap.

Those jars of hotdogs are nice and their sachet coffee is as good as nescafe equivalent and about half the price, mind you i tend to buy those catering drums as they now last me a month and a half in stead of a three weeks when mrs sid was alive. (she used to make coffee about every hour during the day, it is surprising i ever got to sleep at night)

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