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Sign of our times - missing road sign

Geoffrey Settle

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We've been waiting in the North for new Road Signs for some time now, many people have been complaining and one has replaced the missing one with a brand new one. Can you read the message?




The sign reads:


?This sign erected by a resident as it has become obvious that although the council takes more then ₤70,000.00 a year in tax from the residents of this close it cannot be bothered to replace the old damaged and missing signs.


The last time they replaced a sign they spelt the name wrong.?


I must admit that I have the old battered and split sign in my back garden. It has been ready for collection for several months now however the council hasn?t managed to collect it yet. I removed it so that it wouldn?t be thrown into the road or end up being thrown through someone?s window late at night by passing drunks.


I did raise an incident number on the WBC contact site and have been promised on many occasions that a new sign would be ordered as soon as enough signs were required for the Borough.


I was contacted a couple of months ago and informed by Kevin Mc that an order had now been placed with the sign makers. Once the signs were ready then an order would be placed with the department or outsourcing company who dig the holes and install them.


Several residents have asked me about what is happening and our local nosey neighbough has been pestering me for ages and I have corresponded with WBC and kept her informed about the slow progress. One of the main complaints is that delivery people and new friends can?t find the close.


However thanks to this enterprising resident at least the close is back on the map.

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I once stayed in Kilsyth... the town, not the close... weirdest bloody place in Scotland! (quick true Story coming up)


My business partner and me were working in Cumbernauld and were staying at this hotel in Kilsyth. Every night for about a week we got back to the hotel after doing 10 or 12 hour shifts on site; only to be the only two people in the bar apart from the barmaid.


"Does nothing ever happen round here?" we asked


"Oh yes" she replied "Its a great night tomorrow..... its Soul Night"


Great we thought and all the next day we were looking forward to a bit of Jimmy Ruffin and James Brown and having a few more people to talk to.


Imagine our disappointment when we got back to the hotel at about 8:30 that night only to find the place empty apart from the barmaid....


"I thought you said it was Soul Night" we said


"Aye!" said the barmaid....... "SOL, pound a bottle"!


oh the wonders of the Scottish accent!!


An absolutely true story too!

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Nice one Baz the only people I could understand at the Hotel in Edniburgh were the foreigners at first until I adjusted to the tawng. Lovely City, nice people.


Obs not a bad suggestion giving everyone satnav when streets signs waer out but a tad expensive, however they can be used all over Warrington now so could be a worth while investment if things continue as they are. :)

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Many thanks Gary, just checked my records and I received an acknowledhgement from Joanne one of the WBC Customer Service Advisors at 1:35pm on the 21st Feb 2008 reference number 14091 - so only 4 months have gone by which must still be within their Service Level Agreement!!! NOT. :? - I still have serveral others ongoing though.

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