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Immigrant accomodation ?

Observer II

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Seems we've bought a giant floating barge to house the growing number of asylum seekers, and save £7million per day on Hotels.  This has wound up locals in areas where these facilties are being located and also lefty liberals are complaining about the standard of living of these poor migrants.   There is now a problem with the backlog of asylum claims, so why not cut through the red tape and certainly with those crossing the channel, enact presumed refusal of asylum and thus immediate deportation to Country of origin or to Rwanda - sorted.  With their toleration of informal camps outside Calais, the French don't seem to worry about  standards of accomodation, so why should we ?  😠

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I think "History Debunked" on Youtube, has come up with the answer as to why our politicians won't resolve the immigration issue and indeed other major problems, and it's down to our democratic system.   Politicians are incapable of addressing major issues, as there resolution may take decades to bare fruit, and our system holds elections every five years. The number one priority for any politician is to get re-elected, which confines resolutions to within a five year period.  EG: If the policy was to increase the number of indigenous doctors and nurses in the NHS, it would take more than 5 years to train them.  So it would be more attractive to poach such professionals from other countries, thus increasing immigration at the expense of career opportunities for native Brits.   This built in inability of our "democratic" process to plan long term and the pressure of the public for instant results, results in short termism and unresolved issues across the board.  :rolleyes:

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Are we the biggest mugs in the world ?    We're allowing record numbers of economic migrants into our Country, providing them with legal aid to pursue lengthy and spurious asylum claims through the courts, with the aid of lefty lawyers and civil servants, and housing them in four star hotels at a cost of £7million per day to hard pressed tax-payers.  Now we have a example of the thankless behaviour of these migrants, when some were moved from a four star to a three star hotel in London, they began a protest in the street outside, refusing to enter the hotel.   Any Nation with a grain of self respect, would have hosed them down and transported them to a waiting plane for immediate deportation to their country of origin or Rwanda.   It's clear that our woke politicians have no idea or intent to sort this issue out once and for all and reduce immigration to bet-zero.     😠

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