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Snowflake culture -

Observer II

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Well, it seems Dominic Raab has been brought down by the civil service wimps complaining of bullying.   This opens the door to a complaints culture, that allows employees to avoid censure by their bosses, in order to continue giving insufficient service.  Did any of these civil servants have the backbone to challenge Raab to his face ?    This snowflake culture seems to have spread throughout our institutions, even unto the military, where NCO's are no longer allowed to shout at recruits - pathetic.       :rolleyes:

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What's of more serious concern however, is the current nature of the civil service, who seem to think that they run the country on the basis of their own beliefs and not obedient to the will of the electorate through their elected representatives.  A result no doubt of Tony Bliar's  strategy of filling our Universities with lefty leaning characters, taking Mickey Mouse degrees whilst being programmed with woke propaganda.   This woke middle class elite, will have voted to stay in the EU, and will have been surprised to discover in the Referendum, that the ordinary British working class, living outside the M25, who they regard as knuckle dragging Neanderthals, outvoted them, on Brexit.   Thus they now pursue a dogged resistance to Brexit and to all popular socially conservative policies on immigration etc.   They occupy the levers of power, including the unelected House of Lords,  and if the Tories want to remain in Gov, they need to play to their new base by putting this elite in their place, which is - doing as they are told by our elected representatives, with failure to so being grounds for their redundancy.   😠

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