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French having fun again -

Observer II

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While Remoaners, including Starmer, try to blame Brexit for the traffic jam at Dover, the reality again, is the intentional sloth of the French, who purposely underman their passport controls.   Like the undermannng of their beach patrols to catch illegal migrants, despite being paid £millions by the UK to do so;  it's all part and parcel of the EU's  spiteful  attempts to undermine Brexit.     😠

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from what i gather it is because the statutory retirement age is going up from 62 to 64 for those born after 1955. not sure if that affects the mandatory retirement age or not though.

oh well at least i only have five more months to wait to claim my bus pass and pension.

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A rubber boat carrying 8 asylum seekers, was recently escorted to the UK boundary by a French border vessel,  where it was met by a RNLI boat, which "rescued" the immigrants and took them to Dover -  such is the nature of our defence of our borders.  The French are extracting the urine, as they are with their go slow on passport checks at Dover, When will, if ever, the British grow a spine ?     😠

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