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Referenda = Democracy ?

Observer II

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Seems the French aren't too happy with Macron's pension plan, and unlike the Brits, they are letting him know about it.  However, would it not be better to reflect the majority opinion of the population via a referendum, perhaps with a two thirds majority requirement, to establish the true aspirations of the people and thus provide real democracy ?   In the UK this was done in 2016, but while only delivering a marginal majority, which has since declined, it was an exercise in real democracy that the politicians have since sought to undermine.  So two other fundemental issues that the politicians seem to depart from majority opinion on, could be put to referenda -  Immigration and Net Zero agendas ?    The current system is clearly not democratic in this instance, as the political elite totally ignore majority opinion.      😠

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Yes, but we democratically elect our politicians to make the big decisions on our behalf and if every decision was made by referendum, then we wouldn’t need to do this.

If retirement age here was up to the public, then we’d probably see it being reduced because the public are only concerned for themselves and don’t have to considder the the bigger picture. At least the poleticinas get advice and guidance from specialist who you'd hope would know what's best for the country as a whole.

If as you say they go against public opinion then they end up getting kicked out come election time.


Bill 😊

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But the problem is Bill, "getting kicked out" has become meaningless, when both main Parties are pursuing similar Globalist woke policies, completely at odds with majority opinion in the Country,  they, like our institutions have been taken over by the graduate elite, radical liberal progressives who harbour nothing but contempt for the white working class.  The first past the post system makes it almost impossible for new alternatives to succeed, something that could be altered by constitutional change, such as scrapping the antiquated House of Lords, and having an elected Senate based on PR.   Referendums don't deal with detail, they provide an overiding principle or direction of travel for politicians to pursue, such as Brexit (which hasn't been pursued), or Immigration policy and zero net policies.  An example of current dictatorship by political minorities can be seen by the attempted trans-legislation in Scotland., which has fortuanately been halted by Westminster, and has seen the mass drop in support for the SNP and Greens.     😠

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