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No one in charge -

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Supposedly, as PM, the buck stops with Rishi Sunack, and as an ex-chancellor, he should have a good idea of where all the money goes and which Departments are achieving value for money - so.  We've got the NHS,  supposedly cash strapped and with poorly paid nurses, planning to spend over £700,000 on new "diversity officers"; add this to the existing quota, plus the (unelected) appointees to Trust Boards, who get paid for turning up at meetings to nod to the CEO; and we can easily see the scope for fiscal savings in the NHS.  So why isn't the Gov getting a grip of this woke nonsense, and sacking these useless appendages, including the CEO's who are appointing them ?     😠

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She isn't doing that for free because the role she has taken is as a Non Executive Director and Chairman of the Trust as well as acting as Chairman on the Board of Governors, who therefore also had to approve her appointment. Her appointment is for 3 years at 58k p.a. Another shoo in for members of the Labour mafia in the North West. I don't think the other members of the Board of Governor who hold the trust board to account are paid but they are elected, except those appointed by staff and the local Councils. As a director she has a responsibility to chair the meetings of the Trust Executive and is equivalent to the Director of a company in terms of legal culpability. The elected members of the board of Directors are chosen from the membership of the trust who are volunteers. I am afraid that what you found was the exception that doesn't prove the rule.

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