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Local Cannabis Business Gets Shut Down.


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I went into the office today to fit a new hard drive into my laptop and found out that the unit directly above was being used to grow cannabis which was then used to manufacture a range of cannabis products including chocolates. Also, the premises hosted group cannabis smoking events where groups of paying members sat and smoked cannabis while watching films. Bizarrely, images of these events were being openly shown on social media. (I’ll see if I can get a link.)

The lads at the office said they kept getting a whiff of cannabis ever since the new occupier, who by all accounts was a bit of an unsavoury character, moved in a couple of months back. But it was only when they blew the building’s main fuse and electricians were called in that the full scale of the operation came to light. The police were called on Friday and the owner was taken away in cuffs.

I haven’t seen anything about this on the news reports, what do you think Gary?


Bill 😊

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For anyone who didn't see this on the news pages, here's the link to the story with pictures.


On a side note, changing my old mechanical hard drive to a solid state unit has completely transformed my old laptop. Over the years it'd got progressively slower and would take at least ten minutes to boot up. Now for less than £30 it's noticeably faster and boots up from cold in less than 30 seconds. 


Bill :)

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Was specificly looking out for this one bill. Ever since your original post.

reminded me of the time we had a student at the lab and he was drying the stuff in the vacuum oven. you could smell it halfway across site......🚀

as for the laptop i have one that is sat on a table top and never gets used apart from once a month when i turn it on to update any software that requires it and then run a virus scan before turning it off again. no idea how long it takes as i am usually doing other things whilst it boots up. it is quicker than my desktop though and both using windows 7 still.

i did try windows 10 on my laptop when they were giving it away some years back and it totally screwed up on the second update they put out. managed to find info online on how to sort it out back to windows 7 and never had a problem with it since.

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