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Who's wasting who's time?


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Had a bit of a lazy day yesterday and ended up watching telly but nothing seemed worth watching and I ended up watching a whole load of police chase the bad guys stuff. By the end of the night I felt quite miffed as most of the criminals that were quite clearly caught bang to rights on video, ended up being released due to lack of evidence. Don’t the courts get to see this stuff or is there some stupid rule that prevents them from seeing what they’ve done.

Another thing that stood out as bonkers was the number of banned drivers who after reckless high-speed pursuits just get issued with another driving ban. To my way of thinking, anyone that’s been found guilty and then goes out and does the same should be banned for life and if that doesn’t work put them inside.


Bill 😊

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i think the crown prosecution service has the first say in what gets seen as regards evidence or whether there is a case to answer. (at least it seems that way as most will refer to it during course of a show)

banning a banned driver is like like drilling holes in a dam to stop a leak from flooding the place.

take the case the other week reported in the warrington worldwide news. driver was chased at speed down the motorway, the wrong wat and when finally caught had a quantity of drugs about him which he was jailed for. he was also fined for not having insurance, tax or mot on the car and banned from driving for 54 months.

Oh and he didn't even have a driving license in the first place, so what are the chances of him not driving again, slim to none.

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