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Partygate ?

Observer II

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Aside from the principle that those at the top of society usually absent themselves from social conformity,  the so-called revelations of the Sue Grey inquiry has proved a rather predictable damp squib, particularly in the case of BoJo.   Although the culture of exceptionalism for those at the centre of power is common throughout history, it never the less insults the suffering of the compliant peasantry.  However, like the alleged antics of Sir Beer Starmer, the culture among the young and privileged imo was probably a widespread phenomenon, ignored in most office environments up and down the Country at the time.  Nor is it confined to our period of history, where in times of common stress a population has to suffer in the interest of the common good, like the WW2 rationing which certain elite sections avoided through use of a black market, so much for fighting them on the beaches etc.   It's clear to me that BoJo, although it's claimed he wrote "the rules" was clearly ignorant of them and clearly ignorant of the activities of his staff (when the cat's away etc).  The whole thing imo has been wrung out by Labour in order to shoot down Boris, in the absence of any comprehensive policy alternatives,  and merely displays the small minded nature of politicians, ever ready to emotionalise events to their own advantage.  Of course it reflects the cavalier nature of the PM, who on the more serious policy front has reneged on "getting Brexit done", thus selling out his leave voters, but imo his real guilt lies in paving the way for the electoral demise of the right and the return of a woke hung Parliament at the next Election.      😠

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