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Risk Awareness ?

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With calls for greater scrutiny and standards of the Police, in the wake of the Everard case, we once again appear to be running off on a tangent of emotion leading to knee jerk changes of policy.   The fact is, that dimly lit streets in our Town and Cities, at night, can be dangerous places, not just for women, but for any single individual.  Yes, we should expect the highest standards of vetting for any profession that has access to our person or property, that provides a level of confidence. In the best of all worlds, we should feel confident to walk alone, at night in any street, but the fact is, it isn't safe and probably never will be. So, instead of adopting an attitude of entitlement to personal safety, we should cultivate a risk awareness in people, where you don't walk alone at night for example.  :unsure:

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Are we talking about the "common sense" approach to safety, which seems not to be so common.

If so how can you instill some sense without also instilling some paranoia as well.

Should be easy you would think but it never is.

It should be obvious that you never go into a dark alley at night or jump off high cliffs into the sea, but people will do that sort of thing and think nothing about it, if they think at all.

The horror of this particular case was that the perpetrator was one of those whom people should be able to trust to stop that sort of thing happening.

How can you spot a murderer. i don't know and I have spoken to one about an hour before he killed. He did not look like anybody out to commit murder, even the people he talked to immediately afterwards had no idea he had committed a murder just a minute or two earlier.

So even with greater scrutiny and standards it would be impossible to say that person will be a bad un or that person will kill somebody when it comes to police recruitment.

I have no answer and i suspect neither does anybody else either.

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The point of concern Sid; is that policy (politics) can be driven by a knee jerk, emotional reaction to these types of event. In this case, it's gone from calling for an Inquiry into the Police to making misogeny a crime.  There are nutters out there, just as there are sharks in the sea; if you want to survive, you avoid them.   :unsure:

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