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Unfit for duty ?

Observer II

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Seems the Army has spotted over 6,000 personel who are below the fitness level for operational duty.  One in five women, and one in fifty men are deemed unfit.   This can be a problem in other Services too, where a level of physical fitness is a job requirement, but alas folk grow older and fatter.   If we recall the Falkland's War,  some of the units were found to be too unfit for the force march across the island.   This is reflected in the general population, as many wanna be Army recruits fail an entry fitness test, mainly due to obesity.  :unsure:

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My regular drinking mate has just rang to say he's unfit for duty tonight as he's just had a test and has to isolate before a minor hospital procedure on Friday.

Anyone here fancy a beer on a nice night like this? you've got until 8.30 to make your mind up :)


Bill :)

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